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A Blister

Blisters, we have all had them at one time or another.  A few days ago I got one dead center on my palm. I am the type of person that if their leg was falling off I would still keep going but this little bubble filled with serum on the palm of my hand almost brought me to a halt when it broke open.

How funny that something so little cased by friction can cause so much discomfort. Every dish I washed or any little thing I did brought attention to my palm, I got to thinking how this blister was nothing compared to what happened to Jesus all the pain He endured because of me. So much pain, I cant even rap my head around it!

Jesus would not have done it if we are not so loved and special.

We are so loved so valued!! Just think of that!

We forget and buy into thinking we are less and not loved so then we except a less than wonderful life and beat our selves up thinking its ok. God who sent His son would not have died for the fun of it he did it because we have value!

Next time you forget that you are special just remember, you are valued you are loved beyond all measure.


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