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Day four on my gratitude journey is food.

As I woke up today I thought what food am I grateful for. It came to me quick it’s quite simple, it has to be a donut!! I really enjoy all sorts of food and being a vegetarian I am always on the look out for good, healthy, spicy and with in reason sweet food.

I don’t have them often and it has been years since I made them with my children but these fried dough of confectionery goodness can’t be beat!

I know just a little of the interesting history on these lovely yummiest of fried baked goodness. It goes back to the Romans and Greeks but we can thank the Dutch sailor’s mom that made them for her son’s voyage for becoming the favorite version of the donut.

Oh and I just happen to share the month of June (my birthday month)with national donut day  June 3rd, that’s no coincidence.


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