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Today is not only Friday but day five and what a great way to rap up the work week than with today’s word…witch is sound.

As I was waking up and am thinking of gratitude I was enjoying the birds sing their dawn chorus and as lonely of a sound that is and I truly enjoy it every morning the sound I am most grateful for is the sound of silence.

Not to sound like my grandmother but silence is golden and no I’m not going to quote  Simon and Garfunkel but the sound of silence is comforting to me.

After a busy day or first thing in the morning before the birds are up, silence can be found. You can find it as you stroll along in the forest under the light of a full moon. It is even found in the busy city late at night as you walk the  sidewalks in the peacefulness of the first new snow.

What peace silence is to me and how I embrace it. Some might fear it but too me it is my closest friend.



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