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The next word for me is memory.

I took a rest from writing yesterday because it was Sunday so I’m writing on it today. I thought on my my word as I woke up and the memory is that of when I was such a little girl.

I think of me riding on my green bike down a hill. As a girl I was adventures and full of energy. I had a green bike that to me was the symbol of true adventure and freedom but not only did I have this awesome bike but a great hill by my home. So of course I had to ride up and down it.

The first time I went up the hill and sat on top of it I felt like I was sitting on top of the word and the excitement of knowing I could speed all the way down was just to much for me to sit long. Down I went legs off the pedals because I was going so fast the wind blowing my hair and feeling like I was flying.

I think of this memory and know that it is a wonderful memory but also a symbol on life.

We can let go and enjoy the beauty of the moment, the moment can be looked at as scary or the best adventure.

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