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Today is day three and the word of the day is color.

I love all shades from light to dark and all that is in between. The wonderful box of 152 crayons is not enough because you can combine colors to make new or different shades.

So the one that came to my mind as I thought of the one color I am grateful for is sea foam green. Not that it is my favorite color but it is my color for me today because it’s what it represents. Softness with its pale hue that brings such calm and takes me to the beach.

Today as my day turns hectic I will think of this color and smile because I am grateful for this little vacation I can take.

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For my second word on my journey of one word a day for 30 days to gratitude is technology.

I’m not the most technological savvy person you will meet, so I really had to think a little but then as the sound of music came over the radio waves and I knew what I’m most thankful for and that is the wonderful invention of the radio.

To me I would rather have music than anything else.

So a big thank you to two men in particular. A Scientists Nikala Tesla and a Italian Physicists Guglielmo Marcani.

After a race of scientific discoveries and ¬†lawsuits. Most people think it really was Mr. Marcani but it’s all up for discussion. Who ever it is I am still am so thankful for the lovely invention.

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Over the last 2 months or so things have happened with my family that have left me feeling stretched to the limits. I confess that on some of the days I would forget something that I thought had become a habit and that’s gratitude.

Gratitude per Oxford dictionary stats “The quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

What a great meaning!! We all tend at times to forget that real kindness starts at home so to speak. So for  me I will be more kind to myself and give thanks for the smallest thing. The next 30 days I will do a word a day.

Today’s word is smell…and the smell that I am grateful for is the sweet smell of rain!

I will keep that in my thoughts this day, when I start to forget to be thankful I will take in a long breath and remember the wonderful aroma of rain.


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In theses long days of summer it made me think of sunscreens.

We need to protect our skin all year and here is a great recipe so you can make it at home.

You will need:

1 cup of coconut oil, 1 cup shea or coco and 1 cup bees wax plus 2 Tablespoon Noonan zinc oxide,1 teaspoon vitamin E..add any essential oil of your choice just not a circus.

Mix,melt first three ingredients remove from heat then add the zinc and essential oils.

This a great and safe for young and old.