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Yesterday’s word was season.

My youngest grandson turned the big two yesterday. I was busy, so writing Sunday and as well as Monday’s word was just not in the cards so to speak but I did think on my word and knew that today would be calmer and my writing would get done.

Even with the fun and busyness of yesterday I was thinking that I am so thankful for the season of Autumn. This season that begins in the end of September and continues to December is so full of beauty and change. It’s in the  middle of summer and a long winter.

As a girl I didn’t see or appreciate the awesomeness this season has. I looked at it more as back to school and pretty leaves that would fall so I could make fun piles to jump in.

This transition is gradual. It offers a slow but steady and welcome decline in temperatures. With the temperature changing I get a chance to dress in clothing  I had to put a side. The days of BBQ are disappearing giving way  to soups/stews and wonderful chilie. The nights are cooler and  as I do  my evening walks I hear the crunch of the leaves under my feet as trees slowly start to change and drop their leaves that gave me shade from the hot sun now give way to such beautiful colors.

Fall foliage is such a spectacular sight! I am so thankful for this wonderful season.



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