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Today’s word touch.

I knew in a instant what touch I’m grateful for today. To come into contact with, is one of the meaning of touch.

To touch my children’s hand. The first time I felt their little hand with all five fingers wrap around my finger with such strength I was amazed that one so little had such strength. From that moment on I have been blessed to continue holding their hands as they grew. Now their hands are my size and bigger no longer just holding onto my finger but that doesn’t make it any less of a bond, if anything it is more. My hands look more and more like my mother’s as I notice my daughter’s look more like mine did. My son’s hands have lost the boyish look and are now a man’s. How time has touched our lives and marches on but the feeling of my children’s hands in mine will always be what I’m grateful for.



Hi, I'm Gwyn a entrepreneur, mom of 2 and a grandma of 2! I had been married for a long time to an abusive alcoholic, this left me feeling broken and forgetting who I really was. I started gwyns day 1 as a way for me to share the awesome way God can heal, restore and give a wonderful life full of purpose and joy. My greatest passion is my family but also helping others . With this blog I hope to share uplifting quotes and stories for a healthy mind body and soul life style, as well as fun with crafts and recipes. Here is my mantra and the whole reason for the name of this blog, what a great reminder that every day is a brand new day we can start fresh and do better. Day One Matthew West from the album Live Forever Buy on Amazon | iTunes

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