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Who in my life

Today’s phrase is from Saturday journal on my journey to gratitude. I am behind on blogging but not on writing or thinking on it.

I have so many in my life that would fit this but one is at the top of my list and will always be my number one in my life.

Jesus, is the who in my life. He is my why, my strength when I’m at the brink. The one and only who will never let me down. The older I get the more I realize this. I realize that He sees my value and worth, has a plan for just me because I’m special. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. He loves me through them, giving grace and showing me by his example of how to live and treat others. Gandhi once said” he liked our Christ but not our Christian’s. Christian’s are so unlike our Christ.”

Ouch! What a sad but sometimes true statement.

I do not want to live giving my Jesus a bad name but instead show by example that grace is given to the most undeserving, love even my enemies Showing that all life matters.



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