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Today’s phrase is what small thing I use daily am I grateful for.

I pick faucet, they come in all shapes, colors and types depending on what room or design. I take theses wonderful inventions for granted. I walk over turning on the faucet with out a second thought.

The valve shutting water on or off dates back to the Egyptians and Romans. Over years they slowly evolved, one person we can thank for one of our modern style is  Al Moen, in 1937 after working hard and needing to clean up turned on the old fashion two handle faucet and got sprayed with a bursts of hot water, not enjoying that and being an inventor the rest is history.

I am so grateful!! For starters I  don’t need to go get water. I don’t have to pump to get it. All I do is lift ot turn a faucet on and water comes out.


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