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Today such a large number of our society seem to frown on celebrating their own birthday.

Why is it that its the thing we can’t talk or be honest about. Just the thought of their birthday coming can brings a whirlwind of anxiety, yet we love to celebrate and give huge party’s for others.

Perhaps it is the knowledge that we are not going to live forever, that one day we will breath our last breath. Death for some can be to much to handle and a birthday to them is a reminder of that day is coming.

Life is short, we all have heard this and say it but do we truly get it. I’m thinking a lot of us do not or maybe we get to bussy. I say live this life well and see that each passing birthday is not to be mourned over because of the loss of youth but to embrace the wisdom that age gives. Our body’s aches and pains reminds us that each moment and movement is a blessing not a curse.

Today I am thinking of birthdays because the most wonderful woman was born….my mom. She has shown me how to age gracefully. I feel so blessed to call her my mom and friend.







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