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Fluffy Bathrobe

I have a favorite fluffy white bathrobe that has been hanging in  back of my closet all summer beckoning to me.

This week I have had the pleasure to answer it’s call, so with great excitement I put it on and walk to the kitchen for my coffee and sink down into a soft chair feeling wrapped in the comforts of my warm fluffy robe. It’s almost like an old friend, I waited so long to snuggle up and feeling its warm embrace I exhale with a smile of true contentment.

I look out my window as the first signs of light that began to shine and think it’s so beautiful but I’m just not ready to get up from my spot. I wish my cup had endless coffee and I would never have to get dressed that some how I could stay in my robe and drink my coffee all day.

As I hang up my bathrobe to get in the shower and go about my day, I feel grumpy because I had move, that I couldn’t stay in my robe I waited all season for. That got me thinking that in order to really enjoy or cherish moments or people let’s stay in the moment not rush it, don’t look ahead or have your mind race. Just be thankful for that moment.

I did have a chance to catch up with my old comfy friend this morning but instead of getting mad when I had to say good bye I was happy for  the little bit of time I got to have and if all goes well I will be back in my fluffy bathrobe soon.



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