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Rear-view mirrors

We all have them they help us stay safe by seeing rearward.

These mirrors only keep us safe if we use them by looking for a brief moment, key word brief.

Life is like these mirror. I once heard it explained so beautifully that the rear-view mirror is small in comparison to the windshield because you need a small brief reminder of what was behind you but in order to keep moving forward you need a large window to see what’s a head.

If we keep our eyes on the small rear-view mirror we will miss what’s a head and if  keep looking back to long we will go of the road completely. Then we will be stuck and unable to move forward.

The time we have is so short that if we get so fixed on yesterday we will miss the wonderful journey we our on today and if we are so fixed on looking for the signs that inform us of how much longer until our destination we will miss what we are to see right here and now. Reflect on our past so we can be safe but use the big window to look ahead but enjoy our journey.

I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best ” Life is a journey, not a destination.





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