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Trust has several connotations but for me when it comes to trusting a person with my heart, now that’s when it gets scary.

I ask where to sign up to jump from an airplane, rock climbing, zip line the list goes on. Give me that adrenaline rush and I trust without hesitation but when a time comes to give the inner most part of my heart that’s been hurt I will stop dead in my tracks, it becomes my Everest and that is one mountain I have a hard time wanting to climb.

The psychiatrist could have a field day with me, I’m pretty sure they could retire and send their children to college complements of me.

A heart is precious so very fragile but it’s not meant to be a fortress. It’s to be shard. As I climb my Everest I find healing I am able to have the parts of my heart that have been hidden open and as I climb higher and need oxygen to continue I know where to go, I go to God and His word. I find such comfort in Psalms 23 then do these three things.

Pause, Reflect, grasp for God. This is so simple people might wave it of but for me it’s helping as I heal and learn to trust.

I know God is God, God is good to me and can TRUST God to be God, He’s got me.

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