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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I still have my storms, with the weather and personally today and I am thankful for both!

I look out on the beautiful fall foliage with the backdrop of different shades of gray. The earths last colorful celebration before winter. I don’t have to work or have much to do at home,I am so grateful to have a rainy day of relaxation. So for me nothing would better fit my dinner menu than a wonderful bowl of butternut squash soup and croissants.

I’m sure most of you who make this soup have this recipe but in case you don’t have it on hand here is a easy way to make butternut squash soup.

Preheat the oven at 400, you will need to do this so you can roast your squash.

1 onion

1 spring of thyme and rosemary

Salt and pepper

3 1/2 Cup veggie broth

1/2 Cup half and half   ( I use almond or coconut milk)

8 Cups cubed butternut squash,  a great time and money saving tip use precut but frozen squash.

Olive oil

When using frozen all you have to do is put  frozen cubs on a cookie sheet drizzle olive oil on  squash then rosemary, thyme, onion, salt and pepper then bake for about 40 minutes.

When the squash is done roasting put in food processor with remainder of ingredients. Then sit down and enjoy your soup.




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When Little Ms Sunshine goes behind a cloud

As I woke the rays of the sun came across the blue sky with such beauty and just the slightest touch of color mixing with some high clouds giving a soft gray, what a beautiful sunrise. I could tell a storm was coming.

I went on my day. Most the morning was sunny and I was starting to doubt that a storm would come but by afternoon the wind blew and the sun was replaced by storm clouds and rain. I welcome this change, then I thought how often in life do I welcome my storm clouds. Do I really embrace my  storms or do I act like Henny Penny  running around thinking the sky is falling.

My children call me “little ms sunshine”, they even gave me a sweatshirt that says this and yes I’ve been told I have a “sunny personality”  but when the storms of this life come as they always do. Do I embrace them and think it’s ok this little ms sunshine has some time in the clouds and it’s fine because as with any storm it will pass and the sun will come out on a shining refreshed world.

My mom is famous for saying  “This to shall pass” but I kinda like the saying “This to shall pass, it may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass”.

When we choose to embrace the storm instead of brace for the storm life is a whole lot sweeter and growth happens.


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” I thank God every time I think of you” Philippians 4:3

As I read that I thought no truer verse for me. A few people in my life that that holds so true. Some I still think of but am not able to see but my memories are all I have left.

Memories of a person that holds a spot in your heart and puts a smile on your face or even a tear in your eye, what a blessing to remember someone in such a way. Even if it hurts because you can’t see them it’s a wonderful feeling to have a memory of a person that has graced you’re life with such a presents it has forever changed you and left you with memories that can not be forgotten.

Yes a disease or injury too the brain can alter a person’s ability to remember but even in the most severe cases there are brief seconds of a memory that have come back to a person.

A memory is such a gift. Not to be taken for granted but it is given so to remind us of the people that have blessed our life’s. A person may not be with you but the memory of them is,what a comfort.

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Wait ironically is a four letter word but no it’s not a “bad” four letter word like some would have us believe and yes it is so hard to do! Yes it’s hard and who really likes this word, really.

We all at one time or another say..I can’t wait for warmer or colder weather, I can’t wait for this hard time to be over or this pain to go away and the list goes on we can fill in the blank of I can’t wait for……to be over!

I am learning that  memories are made in the waiting. With each season of life there is a memory. We never know when the last time we will hold someone,talk or hear them. We will never now when this time or event will be our last.

A wrap up attitude robs us of our present moments. The most treasured moments when looked back on are then remembered. Will we remember them and wish we didn’t “wrap up” that season of our life with such a hurried attitude or will we be so thankful we cherished that person,time or event. Will we have something to remember with such fondness that the breath can still be caught in our throats.

Embraces each season of life and not wish it away. Be grateful for the wait.