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” I thank God every time I think of you” Philippians 4:3

As I read that I thought no truer verse for me. A few people in my life that that holds so true. Some I still think of but am not able to see but my memories are all I have left.

Memories of a person that holds a spot in your heart and puts a smile on your face or even a tear in your eye, what a blessing to remember someone in such a way. Even if it hurts because you can’t see them it’s a wonderful feeling to have a memory of a person that has graced you’re life with such a presents it has forever changed you and left you with memories that can not be forgotten.

Yes a disease or injury too the brain can alter a person’s ability to remember but even in the most severe cases there are brief seconds of a memory that have come back to a person.

A memory is such a gift. Not to be taken for granted but it is given so to remind us of the people that have blessed our life’s. A person may not be with you but the memory of them is,what a comfort.

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