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When Little Ms Sunshine goes behind a cloud


As I woke the rays of the sun came across the blue sky with such beauty and just the slightest touch of color mixing with some high clouds giving a soft gray, what a beautiful sunrise. I could tell a storm was coming.

I went on my day. Most the morning was sunny and I was starting to doubt that a storm would come but by afternoon the wind blew and the sun was replaced by storm clouds and rain. I welcome this change, then I thought how often in life do I welcome my storm clouds. Do I really embrace my  storms or do I act like Henny Penny  running around thinking the sky is falling.

My children call me “little ms sunshine”, they even gave me a sweatshirt that says this and yes I’ve been told I have a “sunny personality”  but when the storms of this life come as they always do. Do I embrace them and think it’s ok this little ms sunshine has some time in the clouds and it’s fine because as with any storm it will pass and the sun will come out on a shining refreshed world.

My mom is famous for saying  “This to shall pass” but I kinda like the saying “This to shall pass, it may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass”.

When we choose to embrace the storm instead of brace for the storm life is a whole lot sweeter and growth happens.


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