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A straitjacket Society

Every one knows what a straitjacket is, we have seen it used in movies/T.v. some of us even in real life but what if there is a society of straitjacket thinking?

The effectiveness of this garment is to restrain, to keep under control or to keep the person from self harm but the negative connotations is a garment of torture.

When we only see our thoughts/opinions and don’t give others the chance to have their own that’s what we are doing to each other. The garment meant to keep one safe becomes a garment of torture. The loss of respect for each other is so tragic. How sad that the very thing that gives us our uniqueness is now thought of as bad. To see another person’s view point is when growth happens in ourselves. That is when there is no back of the bus for one kind of person and still allowing  a march with a sheet over the head for another. This is taking the high road. This is honoring your self and the other person, it is being mature.

It is great to have a voice but it is also just as great if not better knowing others have one as well.

Today we have a new president.  Even if you didn’t vote for him perhaps it is time to take the high road. If he fails all of us fail.



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