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Winter Blues

This winter has been one for the record books, it has been one of the wettest I can remember. It is wonderful for the drought that has plague the northern California and Nevada for so long but has left me in a “funk.”

I don’t know if I should toss it up to the weather or the fact I made some life changing decision that was not easy or coming to terms with my changing physical health  but for the last few months I have had to continually give my self pep talks and pray like I had never before. This is not like me, this funk,this no energy or wanting to embrace the seasons in my life. Then as I was reflecting on these feelings this morning  I realized that perhaps yes a lot has happened the last few months and yes this “funk” is with me but it wont define me. So I acknowledge my “funk” that I am in and even validate it and that’s when I truly feel so much better. I realize I was not extending grace to myself. I have not validated my feelings that I had been feeling, I guess I did not want to admit them.

Pep talks and prayer do work but for me the time I chose to be still and reflect giving grace to myself is when the winter of my soul began to thaw and heal. I do embrace this season in my life, it has been hard but that’s when the most growth happens. I needed this winter of quite and reflection so I am for my spring, when ever that may be.

Just like this winter has been one for the record books so has this time in my life.