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The Shopping Cart


Some of us are shoppers others (like myself) are not really into shopping but what ever the case may be we all at one point or the other have to go to a store. We go for food or items we may want or need.

Have you ever thought that life is like one big store, we look for the best cart you know the one that drives great with no bum wheels and no sound. A cart that is large and drives great so we can get our shopping done with ease.

In this store everything we could ever want or desire. Isles and isles full of what we think is just what we want and is perfect for us. We put all we can fit in the cart and enjoy every minute eyes glazing over and laughing with what we think is making us so happy.

As the exciting fun of the shopping trip comes to an end we get in line and empty our cart on the belt our excitement grows with the anticipation of getting all we want. Now imagine the casher taking all of the stuff that we wanted and putting it in a box then putting it aside but the last item that you really didn’t want but was suppose to be good for you they hand to you then say enjoy and have a great day.

What would you do? Would you be pleased and thankful for that one item and leave happy or would you stand there arguing? Or  perhaps hand back that item leaving upset and angry.

We all tend to think that God is that cashier and if He was real or loved us we would get all the things we wanted, we would get that big box not some small thing that is good for us that we really didn’t want but I like to think that God is looking out for us, He knows what is good for us even when we don’t see it. Being thankful for the small things and in turn we walk away with so much more.




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