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Curly Hair

To say that I have curly hair is an understatement. I have frizz and curl that would make an 80’s hairstylist green with envy. I  fully embraced that decade with gusto, I could spike to my little hearts content. I could just roll out of bed only using my fingers and my good old friend aquanet and be on my way feeling like I was looking good. Awe those were the days.

I look back on pictures of me growing up and see not one good picture, I had wild blond curls that bounced all over with huge blue eyes that look like they are full of sparkle and energy.  I looked almost spastic as I sit next to my very pretty so put together and calm sister, yes I was that family member. The one we all laugh at in pictures the one that have that look like they would jump out of the picture.

It is funny to look back on and my mom the sweet women that she is would always say that my hair suited me. For years I fought my curls and if I got tired of them off they went then I would grow them out and the fight would continue.

I still try and tame my curls but not with such vengeance,  some days I let the wild curl just be.  I am choosing to think of my curl  like in the movie Forest Gump when he says  “Mama always said life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your going to get” That is my hair,  I may never know what I will get from one day to the other. As I learn to keep that in mind the more I see my curl as beautiful and the more I see my curl as beautiful the more I see my self as beautiful. I had for so many years saw myself as that spastic girl that couldn’t be tamed and how that was not a good thing. I have for years let hurt of my past identify me as not good enough. I let the toxic thoughts steal my joy and take away so much.

Just like my curl, the pain in my past and all the parts of me that make me are who I am.

I  embrace all those parts and the parts that are just to painful I give to God who can bring healing and beauty, I like to think that God is my curl serum.  When curl serum is used it takes the frizz to beautiful soft curly hair.

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the broken and binds up their wounds.”



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