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The Body Snachers


For the last few years off and on I have found my self in what I can only describe as the 1950s movie The Body Snatchers. I have gone from my normal easy-going bubbly happy-go-lucky person to in brief moments of insanity becoming a conformational angry let you have it kind of person with no mercy.

I will give you an example, the other day I was singing and driving along when out of no place a car comes into my lane cutting me off and almost hitting me. Now normally I would just me grateful to have come out unscathed but no I acted like a crazed person yelling and giving  jesters that should not be used when driving, my mouth did not stop yelling angry words for minutes.  When I did take a breath I felt instant sham of my behavior. I continued driving all the while behind the person that cut me off and almost hit me and not only did they drive to the same store but parked right by me. I took longer to get out of the car because I felt horrible and just didn’t want to have to admit my wrong. I finally got out and walked up to the store but I didn’t get far because when I looked up I saw a white hair man who could hardly walk waiting for me. He smiled and apologized for almost causing an accident. Swallowing the piece of humble pie I apologized.

I will never forget that life lesson.

I know I am not alone with my actions of anger. In fact it seems that the whole world is at times nothing but anger. What if one by one we decide not to hold onto our anger and let anger rule but we start taking ownership of our anger and our actions. For every time we say or act unkind out of anger we continue the hurt and suffering of ourselves and others.

A quote that I like by an anonymous person is so true.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”


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