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A Bad Haircut

I like the quote that Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said “change is the only constant in life.”. I have fully embraced this thought with a lot of my life, especially with my hair. I have never been one to keep the same haircut or style for long. I may come back to some favorite ones but only after several others have been tried. In fact I have a cycle of sorts, I have it long then get it chopped off every few years.

Who knows why I do this, after a cut/style that doesn’t seem to work I’ll complain briefly, grow it out and try another style, My poor loved ones. After months of sending hair cuts to a few of my very close family/friends I decide on one of them sent off the Pinterest picture and said I was going for it, they weren’t to surprised only supportive.

Armed with a picture of a lovely feminine shag pixie I went to a salon that takes walk-ins and just my luck I get taken back without waiting. I show the women my picture and she seems to understand what I want, so I sit back and enjoy myself. I see that after she takes off my long ponytail she goes for the front but is going for the cut that would be a lot shorter than what I was thinking, I ask her about it but she assures me she understands what I want and everything will be fine.

Everything was not fine, at the end I look to see that my hair was anything but a feminine shag! I looked in horror,  I didn’t hold back. I became a very BOLD out spoken women. In short I didn’t pay full price. I believe that everyone in the salon knew I was not happy, I could hear the intake of breaths as I spoke. I left wanting to cry, not wanting to be seen again or for at least for 6-8 weeks. I sat in my car for a few moments fuming then had the thought that I would color my hair because that would help, right?

No, coloring my hair didn’t help and for most of Saturday I acted like a spoiled child.

As I woke and had my prayer a wave of remorse came over me, I felt awful for how I acted. I couldn’t believe I was so wrapped up in my hair that I felt I wasn’t me any more, it only reminded me of all the many changes and how I feel I am not being heard and how I am not where I thought I would be at this stage in my life.

I never thought that my marriage would have turned out the way it did, but my life became better.

I never thought I would lose a child between my daughter and son, but instead I have two wonderful children who are now young adults who I had the pleasure seeing grow.

My list could go on with how things don’t go according to plan or how I would want them but that same list would also show how things went even better than planned.

God worked on my heart that morning. I have been going through so many changes in my life as of late and some have been ones I never saw coming. I realized that just like my hair I didn’t get what I wanted but that’s ok, I still got a change and a lot cooler hair style for this very hot summer, it will grow back but healthier and better.





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