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The Wind and a Sail Boat

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I enjoy being around any kind of water but it is the ocean where I am drawn to the most. It is the smell of the salty air and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach that even on my grumpiest day I suddenly feel calmer and exhale with a smile.

When I lived by the ocean I enjoyed walking around looking at the boat dock. They had some that were lived in while other boats people just kept tied to the dock for when they wanted to go out on the water. I found the sail boats the most interesting. Some of the sail boats seemed to have never moved and I thought that if I had it I would take the time to use it instead of keeping it docked,  but maybe that’s just because I have always wanted to learn how to sail. The idea of how to use the force of the wind to propel you forward letting it move you seems a little scary but also invigorating.

I think we all at some point can be like those beautiful sail boats that never seemed to have left the dock. Like those boats that were made to have their sails raised to glide through the water capturing the wind, doing what it was made to do.

We were meant to move to fully enjoy life but for what ever reason seem to stay docked at some place in our life for safety. Some place in our life where maybe pain, anger, fear or resentment has kept us docked. God made us beautiful  but if we don’t leave the safety of the harbor we will never experience our true selves. If we stay docked we get rusted from the salt and full of cob webs. Maybe its time to have help getting “our sail boat” sea worthy again so we can be all that we were made for. With prayer and the right people we can get ready to raise our sails and leave the harbor.

Think of it as God is the wind He will be there to be our strength to move us when all we have is just a sail waiting for the power of the wind.


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