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Garlic Eggplant with Wild Rice


I have found that eating small but often really helps me feel so much better and in the heat I realized that eating my “dinner” meal mid day helped me even more. After the heat of the day you would think it would cool down for my dinner but where I live it takes a long time after the sun goes down to get to a comfortable temperature, so I will eat a cold light meal in the evening. This has help me have a lot more energy when I would normally have a really hard time. ( I’ll explain more about this in a latter post)

With my love of eggplant, lunch came around and I thought I would make a quick and easy meal with it. Plus I had some wild rice from the previous day, what luck!

You can always salt your egg plant but for this recipe I skipped this step. Some people really like salting their eggplant leaving it sit for 30 minutes then rinsing but I had a time crunch and didn’t want to stand anymore than was needed.


Garlic Eggplant with Wild Rice


1 small eggplant washed and diced (I peeled mine but if you want you can leave the skin on)

4-5 cloves of garlic diced

3-4 green onions washed and diced

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 cup of veggie broth

1- 1 1/2 Teaspoons of cornstarch

2 Tablespoon of brown sugar

2/3 Cup of Soy sauce

per your taste onion powder,  garlic powder and  ground black pepper (if you like a little fire add red pepper fakes)

In a frying pan pour olive oil in then add cubed eggplant start to brown the eggplant then add garlic and towards the end the green onion. This can go fast, so a good do ahead tip is get the sauce together. Mix broth, cornstarch, brown sugar and soy sauce with the seasoning in a bowl set a side.

After the eggplant, garlic and onion are nicely brown stir in the sauce. Continue to stir for a few minutes until it is a nice thickness. Simmer a few more minutes remove from heat. Pour over wild rice that is cooked per the packaged instructions. I have also has this over quinoa.

Just shy of a half hour (if you cook the rice ahead of time) you have a really good meal.




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