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Paul Blart-Mall Cop


I think I can count on my one hand the movies I choose to see more than once and “Paul Blart-Mall Cop” is one of them. I know but no judgements here. This movie is directed by Steve Carr and written by Kevin James/Nick Bakay and distributed by Sony Pictures.

In the movie the very likeable Paul Blart is a mall cop with a low blood sugar problem that kept him out of joining the state troopers but because he is a mall cop that takes his job seriously he saves people in a mall that is been taken over by criminals. I am always rooting for the underdog in books or movies so maybe that is why I like this movie, or maybe I like it because I can see so many lessons in it especially for me now with my health and change of vocation, who knows. I was thinking of this movie the other day because my kids will call me Paul Blart when I get hungry, not that I have a blood sugar problem but because I am always snacking. I had mentioned in my eggplant recipe post that I am eating small but often now due to my health problem and how much that has helped me so I guess I don’t mind being called Paul Blart. I have found that eating smart and the right foods but in small quantities I am feeling so much better. My heart doesn’t have to work so hard to send the blood to my stomach to digests my food leaving me feeling less tired.  I thought I was health conscious before but now its defiantly life or death for me.

I was thinking that I am not only being carful with my food choices but have started to become so much more conscious of the spiritual choices for me. I am trying to be carful with what I nurture my soul with as well as my body. I now read,pray and meditate small amounts at a time but often just like my food choices and how much more happy and healthy I am with that. Just how I have such a reminder with my body I am needing to remind my soul. When I nurture my soul often I am so much more healthy and can give others a better me.

Just like in Mall Cop Paul Blart couldn’t save any one until he had some sugar I can’t be of use to any one if I don’t take care of me. It has taken my health declining for me to really have that light bulb moment  to know that nurturing me is worth it. I may not be what I was but I can be useful in other ways that might be more useful than I every thought of but I have to take care of me so I can give to others. I know when I do this and keep my mind on God instead of my body that at times hurts or gives out I still have peace, contentment, happiness and the ability to engage with others in a more positive attitude.

One verse that helps me is Isaiah 26:3

Isaiah 26:3 ESV
You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you



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