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Chocolate Lean Energy Bites

lean chocolate protien bites

I know it seems just another energy ball recipe but I am really enjoying these for a fast snack. I made them not really sure if they would be good or just okay, you know something that is just okay in taste but you eat it because you are trying to eat healthier on the go.

I have given them away to some really tuff critics, the people that love the drive-thru and think drinking soda or coffee is staying hydrated, those that laugh when the rest of us talk about maybe getting a gym membership. So when I say they were tuff I mean it. A day later I asked (almost ready to cringe) how they liked them and was so surprised when they said they not only ate them but yep they liked them and wanted more.(be still my beating heart.)

Because of that reaction from my toughest critics I thought I would share the recipe and hope you not only try making them but really enjoy them.

You may use a protein powder you have on hand but I love this Plexus vegetarian Lean meal replacement protein. Even before I became an Ambassador for them I enjoyed their protein powder because of the taste and all the benefits.

Chocolate Lean Energy Bites:

1 Cup of Oats

1/3 Cup Honey ( or agave syrup)

1/2 Cup any kind of  Nut Butter

1 Cup of Shredded Coconut

2 Scoops of Plexus Chocolate Lean meal Replacement

Now this may not be so healthy and it is totally optional

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter or Carob Chips

(If consistency is to powdery to form in balls then you may add about a Tablespoon of almond/soy mild, I had to do this but you may not need to)

Roll into balls and place in refrigerator for at least an hour before eating.

Keep Refrigerated