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Raw Vegan Veggie Dip

I thought that with summer in full swing I would share this dip that is the perfect light snack or a wonderful spread in a wrap for a light cool dinner. I found this great recipe off the doterra (essential oils) blog when I was in search of a great dip, I tweaked and changed a few things and made it into a meal, but I am so glad I found it, this is a great healthy recipe just in time for summer.

With the essential oils in this you will need to make sure you have pure essential oils only, if you do not have them then I would substitute the essential oils with herbs. You will reap a lot of health benefits with the oregano, fennel and basil oil they help maintain a healthy digestion. Then add the chickpea for protein and the veggies with vitamins. This dip gives you a wide range of fresh healthy goodness you can’t beat.

Raw Vegan Veggie Dip:


1-5 cloves garlic

1 15 ounce can of chickpea rinsed and drained

2 lemons juiced

2 cups spinach

1/2 – 1 full cup Kalamata olives

2 stems fresh basil

1 small bundle Italian parsley

1 teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup olive oil

1 yellow squash

1 zucchini

3 roma tomatoes

Salt and black pepper per taste

1 drop Oregano oil

2 drops Rosemary

4 drops Fennel oil

3 drops Basil oil

Red pepper oil per taste for on top


2 red and orange bell peppers

1/2 cup of almond or pine nuts (these nuts make a very nice addition)

Put all chopped ingredients except essential oils into a blender and pulse until smooth. When dip is smooth add essential oils one drop at a time to taste. You do not have to use all the recommended drops, top with the red pepper oil.

Serve with vegetables, pita bread, chips or spread on a wrap layer with your favorite veggies roll and enjoy! (I even found this makes a great sauce for a summer pasta that I will share next week)


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