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To Weep


The picture was taken by my daughter a while ago, I didn’t even realize she took it until later, it is about the last picture that was taken of the two of us before my dog passed.

It will be a year soon and I still miss her so, because when the sorrow you feel is too deep to be touched by words. All that you can do is sit in the time of great pain and let tears fall and sometimes even with it being so many months those tears still fall.

You may have lost a pet who was more than an animal to you, they were a loved one. Maybe you have another heart break but as you say goodbye to someone whom you have had by your side, when your marriage fell apart and your kids grew and then stretched their wings, it was always my sweet baby girl, laying her head on me to comfort and listen as I talked about life. It was her comfort that was given without hesitation. It was her just being with me that gave more support than any words. In her quiet way she spoke volumes.

I think of this and wonder why we as humans fill the need to speak to fill the space of the hurt with words instead of just being present in the pain. Is it that pain scares us so much we don’t know how to react? So, we think that some profound thought that may be well meaning needs to be said to fill the space instead of our presence, so we are kept at arm’s length in hopes that the pain doesn’t somehow infect us

I think that sometimes all that is needed is just to have someone sit and weep with you as you are in that pain.

I love the fact the shortest sentence in the Bible is John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” He didn’t come in with great words (although he could have) to his friends’ sisters that were crying over the loss of their brother/his friend. He didn’t make light of it either, he just came to them in the moment and noticed their sadness and wept.

Today if someone is hurting just sit with them when they grieve don’t try and push your agenda to make yourself feel better but instead do what Jesus did and just weep with them.
Sometimes filling a void with words only fall flat but sitting and honoring their feels goes a long way.

Side note:

You will be with me always my sweet girl, thank you for the joy you have brought to me. I feel so blessed to hurt so exceedingly because that only means I was able to love so much!

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