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What song

What song? I think of what song I am grateful for today.

Wow this is a tuffy because just in one days time from the moment my eyes open until they close. I will have so many running around in my head that only a quarter of them will I sing, I’m sure those around me wishe not even that much are sung.

Maybe you have to be in a certain age bracket but I pick  Survivor’s “The Eye Of The Tiger”, now this might seem a strange song to be grateful for but I am. Yes I love the Rocky movies but this song resonates with me and gets me going.

“Rising up, back on the streets did my time, took my chances. Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet….” the song goes on from there.

In short to me it’s an anthem on overcoming challenges, yes even the famous start to this song I can’t help but dance a long as it always brings a smile to my face, I’m so grateful for.



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  1. Never would have guessed it but then I never listened to it closely. I can see why since you quoted some. Yes that sounds like you, you just bounce back up and keep going.

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