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What Tradition

Tuesday’s word is what tradition am I grateful.

I have some traditions from childhood to now that I really enjoy and still do but the one that I am grateful for today is every Christmas eve my children and I would make up the plate for Santa set it out with their little notes by the fireplace. I then would light candles and the tree.

Settling down with our carol/hymn book we then would sing acappella song after song to our hearts content. I am not saying I can hold a tune or that anyone would want to hear me sing  but to hold the book being sandwiched by my children life couldn’t have gotten sweeter.

After we sang “The Night Before Christmas” would be read and of course off to bed with the lie of Santa won’t stop if your not asleep.

Thinking back this is a tradition I am so grateful for and as the truth of Santa was found out the plate for Santa was then enjoyed by all but I was blessed to sing and read  with my children over the years even to senior year.


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  1. What a blessed memory. One of my fondest memories is cooking and baking with my daughters. This was so special that I enjoy thinking on it especially now, I also have the wonderful memory fo cooking with my one grandson, this is very precious to me.

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