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What’s in that container?

Every Tuesday I clean  my refrigerator. It’s a job I don’t like but well who really does? The trash goes on Wednesday so it seems like a good time to get all that’s stinky or old out and gone.

As I am cleaning away I see one container that I can’t remember what was in there. I decided to open it and find out. Yes I can be brave but I question my bravery as soon as I open the lid. Wow what could possibly have been in that? Ooh the stench! It looks like some kind of science experiment and the smell is that of some old fish, almost tuna like.

I don’t eat meat but I do have my son living with me that dose and apparently he made up some tuna and forgot to eat it up. I was so close to  putting the whole container in the trash thinking what’s one more to the landfill besides it’s worth not smelling or touching it but of course I cleaned it out and  container is as good as new.

This got me thinking, how we are like that container. You don’t know what is in side a person until they open their mouth. I at times can be just as terrible as that old tuna, how horrible for the other person who has to put up with the stench.

This time of year when we get so busy trying to have the perfect holiday do we give of such a stench because we get over worked, spend to much money and stress our selves out to try  pull off what we have in our minds as the perfect holiday.

If we only have hurt, fear, anger or inpatients in us that’s what’s going to come out and when it does oooh the poor people around us. So if I  encounter a major stenchy attitude from people I will try and remember that you can’t give away what you don’t have in you and I am a clean container  filled with sweet goodness because I have cleaned out the stench and ready to give joy.