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Pumpkin Pie Spice Granola

Enjoy the flavors of fall during breakfast with this healthy and delicious granola that incorporates the benefits of pure essential oils!

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Trust has several connotations but for me when it comes to trusting a person with my heart, now that’s when it gets scary.

I ask where to sign up to jump from an airplane, rock climbing, zip line the list goes on. Give me that adrenaline rush and I trust without hesitation but when a time comes to give the inner most part of my heart that’s been hurt I will stop dead in my tracks, it becomes my Everest and that is one mountain I have a hard time wanting to climb.

The psychiatrist could have a field day with me, I’m pretty sure they could retire and send their children to college complements of me.

A heart is precious so very fragile but it’s not meant to be a fortress. It’s to be shard. As I climb my Everest I find healing I am able to have the parts of my heart that have been hidden open and as I climb higher and need oxygen to continue I know where to go, I go to God and His word. I find such comfort in Psalms 23 then do these three things.

Pause, Reflect, grasp for God. This is so simple people might wave it of but for me it’s helping as I heal and learn to trust.

I know God is God, God is good to me and can TRUST God to be God, He’s got me.

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Rear-view mirrors

We all have them they help us stay safe by seeing rearward.

These mirrors only keep us safe if we use them by looking for a brief moment, key word brief.

Life is like these mirror. I once heard it explained so beautifully that the rear-view mirror is small in comparison to the windshield because you need a small brief reminder of what was behind you but in order to keep moving forward you need a large window to see what’s a head.

If we keep our eyes on the small rear-view mirror we will miss what’s a head and if  keep looking back to long we will go of the road completely. Then we will be stuck and unable to move forward.

The time we have is so short that if we get so fixed on yesterday we will miss the wonderful journey we our on today and if we are so fixed on looking for the signs that inform us of how much longer until our destination we will miss what we are to see right here and now. Reflect on our past so we can be safe but use the big window to look ahead but enjoy our journey.

I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best ” Life is a journey, not a destination.




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Baby wipes

I tend not to use paper towels, napkins or other disposable wipes but I draw the line on cloth when comes to baby wipes.

I decided to save money  make my own, but not only am I saving money but they will be free of chemicals. They are easy to make and work just as well as the store bought ones.

You will need,

1 Plastic coffee container (29 oz)

1 Roll of paper towels

2 Tablespoon coconut oil

2 Tablespoon baby wash

2 Tablespoon tea tree oil

2 Cups of hot water

Cut the roll of paper towels in half, put the cut roll in  coffee container. In a bowl mix hot water, coconut oil, baby wash, tea tree oil. Pour over  paper towels and let sit for 3-4 minutes. Pull cardboard out  center. You  can cut an x in the center of the lid and pull the wipes through it when you need a wipe.



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Fluffy Bathrobe

I have a favorite fluffy white bathrobe that has been hanging in  back of my closet all summer beckoning to me.

This week I have had the pleasure to answer it’s call, so with great excitement I put it on and walk to the kitchen for my coffee and sink down into a soft chair feeling wrapped in the comforts of my warm fluffy robe. It’s almost like an old friend, I waited so long to snuggle up and feeling its warm embrace I exhale with a smile of true contentment.

I look out my window as the first signs of light that began to shine and think it’s so beautiful but I’m just not ready to get up from my spot. I wish my cup had endless coffee and I would never have to get dressed that some how I could stay in my robe and drink my coffee all day.

As I hang up my bathrobe to get in the shower and go about my day, I feel grumpy because I had move, that I couldn’t stay in my robe I waited all season for. That got me thinking that in order to really enjoy or cherish moments or people let’s stay in the moment not rush it, don’t look ahead or have your mind race. Just be thankful for that moment.

I did have a chance to catch up with my old comfy friend this morning but instead of getting mad when I had to say good bye I was happy for  the little bit of time I got to have and if all goes well I will be back in my fluffy bathrobe soon.


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Yesterday I had decided that with summer being officially over thanks to labor day that had come and gone. I would do some much  deep cleaning and welcome Autumn in.

Things were going smoothly, I  buzzing along with music my cleaning was getting  done, not a spec of dust was safe. Even decorating to the wonderful smell of Autumn had me happy to ring in a new season.

 I don’t know if it was the Apple/Orange cinnamon mixture but I was giddy! To keep the momentum going I move into the dining room.

That’s when it happened, up cleaning my ceiling fan I will never be know  how but in my normal graceful fashion I manage to trip on my own two stocking feet. I sway back and forth hopping for a chance to stabilize myself but of course that  didn’t happen. I just had  embrace my fall and hope for  best.

I lay there as my breath came back I dint know if I wanted to laugh or cry  so I did both. I had my dog sniffing and whinging at my head, I felt comforted and in time I got up iced my swelling/bruising wrist.

So many of us live alone or with lives that we never would have picked for our selves and feel alone. I never would have thought it would  be my ex husband taking me to get help for my  wrist but he did. I now am sporting a lovely cast, why it’s the latest fashion for those  us that are less than grateful. I got taken care of and my son cooked dinner and  cleaned up for me.

Some of us might live alone but have family or friends that will help us, if we let them.  How easy it is in this time of technology not to connect with others and just be by ourselves but we need to remember one day we might need a helping hand. To give of our selves and remember to  connect to people. No matter what our life may be we don’t have to  really  be alone.