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Yesterday I had decided that with summer being officially over thanks to labor day that had come and gone. I would do some much  deep cleaning and welcome Autumn in.

Things were going smoothly, I  buzzing along with music my cleaning was getting  done, not a spec of dust was safe. Even decorating to the wonderful smell of Autumn had me happy to ring in a new season.

 I don’t know if it was the Apple/Orange cinnamon mixture but I was giddy! To keep the momentum going I move into the dining room.

That’s when it happened, up cleaning my ceiling fan I will never be know  how but in my normal graceful fashion I manage to trip on my own two stocking feet. I sway back and forth hopping for a chance to stabilize myself but of course that  didn’t happen. I just had  embrace my fall and hope for  best.

I lay there as my breath came back I dint know if I wanted to laugh or cry  so I did both. I had my dog sniffing and whinging at my head, I felt comforted and in time I got up iced my swelling/bruising wrist.

So many of us live alone or with lives that we never would have picked for our selves and feel alone. I never would have thought it would  be my ex husband taking me to get help for my  wrist but he did. I now am sporting a lovely cast, why it’s the latest fashion for those  us that are less than grateful. I got taken care of and my son cooked dinner and  cleaned up for me.

Some of us might live alone but have family or friends that will help us, if we let them.  How easy it is in this time of technology not to connect with others and just be by ourselves but we need to remember one day we might need a helping hand. To give of our selves and remember to  connect to people. No matter what our life may be we don’t have to  really  be alone.



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