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Its in the Little Things

I have always been a firm believer in greeting each day with conscious breathing and putting my hand over my heart to feel it beat. As I do this I do some mindful waking and prayer. I know that to have my heart beating means I have purpose but it’s up to me to embrace this and do it. I will pray for guidance but it’s up to me to do it.

This being said I also now have a puppy who is a morning soul and greets each new day with such joy it puts me to shame. I not only have a mindful wakening but get to laugh as I greet each day, her joy is infectious and it got me thinking.

I have thought that with the tragedy in Vegas the people who went to the concert did so looking their best and thought they were just going to have a wonderful time. I am sure that with each makeup application and each careful thought out piece of clothing no one would have thought what was to happen.

My prayers go out to all that have been impacted by this and all other tragedies.

It seems that as I watch the news it turns into my prayer list and I must leave it at that or I will start to get to sad for those in the news. I also can turn it of and start thinking about all the little things in my life I take for granted.

What if we all start to see each small thing in our life from the time we wake up until we fall asleep we acknowledge all of it. I bet that when we start thinking of every small thing in our life as celebrations in stead of obligations and yes even on Monday morning as we go to work instead of complaining you have to go to work look at it as I am thankful I have a job.

Lets celebrate the small things, burn those candles, use the best china just because and celebrate life.

I believe if we start just how my puppy’s joy for each new day is infectious so will our grateful attitudes be and we might just start having a happier life.

Psalm 39:4

“LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered–how fleeting my life is.




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