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” I thank God every time I think of you” Philippians 4:3

As I read that I thought no truer verse for me especially as of late. I have people in my life that this scripture holds true for, some I live far from while others I will not get to see ever again, at least not on this earth and that list seems to be getting longer, as I am sure you have a list that grows with loved ones. So, it’s to the ones I still think of but am not able to see on this side of heaven that are leaving me with memories in their place I reflect on today.

Memories of a person that holds a spot in your heart, puts a smile on your face or a full belly laugh, and yes, a tear in your eye with a lump in your throat that can catch you off guard. What a blessing to remember someone in such a way. Even if it hurts because you can’t see and interact with them. It can be such an overwhelming feeling to have a memory of a person that has graced, your life with such a presence it has forever changed you and left you with memories that cannot be forgotten.

Yes, a disease or injury to the brain can alter a person’s ability to remember but even in the most severe cases I have heard and seen a brief memory that come back to a person if only for a short minute or seconds it is there or sometimes the memory is only in a smell, something seen or sound that is heard but can’t place why. they feel different or like something.

A memory is such a gift. Not to be taken for granted but it is given to remind us of the people that have blessed our life, let those tears fall, smiles spread across our faces or laugh arise because a person may not be with you but the memory of them is, what a comfort and because of that memory they do live on.


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