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Today is day eleven on my word a day journey of gratitude. The word is holiday.

The holiday I’m grateful for today is Thanksgiving.

This national holiday of giving thanks goes back to the Puritans fleeing persecution and not only surviving in a new world but actually thriving. Learning from people so much different than themselves they chose to learn not to fight! To be teachable not stuborn. To understand that arrogance would only led them to starvation. They didn’t think the natives owed them  anything instead chose to work hard and not wimp out crying that their lives as they new it were different.

Maybe what’s wrong with us today is we are so busy crying over what we don’t have and thinking we deserve everything that we lost our kindness and understanding.

Keeping in mind everyone always has something to offer each other if we listen. To truly listen is not to hear so we know how to respond but to really hear the other person.

I am grateful for this holiday it reminds me to be thankful but also so much more if you think on it.











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