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5 tips for Overnight Oats

I don’t know if I am the only one who at the beginning of the month, I look to see what we celebrate or bring attention to for the month, so when January began, I noticed that it is national oatmeal month. I got a little excited because I enjoy a nice bowl of oatmeal every morning. I top it with nuts, dried or fresh fruit, ground flax or chia seed. I find it filling and a good start even in the summer.

I have heard of overnight oats but since I only have had them once I may not be the best to give tips, but this is what I found to be helpful.

Plus, this might help you get to loving good old oatmeal in the morning too.

Overnight oats as the name states are oats that sit overnight slowly absorbing liquid and softening the oats to form a pudding type of texture. So, you get to start the day off with pudding so to speak and you start it off feeling fuller, so you won’t want to be grabbing for things to eat that are empty calories. They also help with your blood sugar levels, constipation and keeps your hunger hormones happy so you are the happy version of you and not hangry.

Step 1

Pick a container, like a jar with a lid or a bowl is fine too. You just want a container that will hold the ingredients and can seal shut. A mason jar is just a cute and easy on the go type.

Step 2

Add the oats (make sure you add rolled oats, instant tend to get to mushy) and you also can add the chia seeds too but if you do make sure to add a little more liquid because the chia seeds will absorb a lot more than oats do but they also give the oats a creamer texter and add a little more protein. Oats

Step 3

Liquid, you may find a non-dairy liquid works best but that is up to you. You may also use yogurt, if you use Greek yogurt which adds a little more protein you will want to add a little extra liquid like unsweetened plant/nut base milk to thin it out. It is always good to stir the dry ingredients and add more so you don’t end up with dry oats.

Step 4

Flavor Enhancers

A little bit of sweet flavor like, Pure maple syrup, honey or jam. You could also use a flavored protein powder or a nut butter.

Wanting more of a savory flavor, try bacon crumbles, green onions or a little shredded cheese with the plain Greek yogurt.

Step 5

More add ins Like fruit or nuts if you are doing a sweet flavor. Sticking with the savory how about starting you day off with some veggies, like carrots, mushrooms, chickpeas or an egg (if you do use an egg you need to cook the day of)

The ideas can be endless, and you can have a lot of fun with figuring out what works best. Regardless of what variations you try at least you know that you are giving yourself a good healthy start.


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