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Named after the crab from the ocean because it has many stems. It holds up well to foot traffic, can grow in cracks of concrete and is drought tolerant. Just to name a few of the reasons this is such a hardy plant/weed. There are a few different kinds but they all infiltrate and permeate your entire yard.

I remember when I worked in the office for my in-law’s lawn business, we would have so many customers calling for help to get rid of crabgrass after they had tried everything to get rid of it. Most were willing to pay any price just to get rid of it.

I always wondered what the problem was and when I asked my ex-father in-law he would just laugh and act like he couldn’t believe I didn’t see the problem. So, I went along and scheduled many jobs for the people who wanted to get rid of it. You can’t just pull on one patch and think you are good; no, you have to go through your entire yard and pull all of it or it just comes back. The jobs were big and even required a backhoe and fresh fill dirt. After they dug up the whole yard going deep to make sure they got all the roots they would put fresh dirt in then would plant the desired grass, plant or sod making a definite transformation for the better, but the homeowner wasn’t off the hock they had to be on top of it to make sure their yard stayed nice and crabgrass free.

I know I should probably write a book about life lessons from the garden because there are great examples in your yard/garden. I am often amazed at how nature is right in front of us to give those lessons, if we noted them.

Just like the homeowner that bought a house with someone else’s crabgrass problem, we can be born into someone else’s hurts and their pain then it becomes ours. We inherit the pain. Just like my children had grown up for most of their life in a violent house with an alcoholic father they now have the hurt given to them because their dad had pain he didn’t know how to deal with. All he felt was pain so what else could he have given?

Or the pain that is given to a child who is molested, a person that is raped or beaten. I could go on with the pain that is given out to innocent people.

They say the people who hurt people hurt the most themselves is so true. It is because of that crabgrass pain that can be the most difficult to deal with. It is someone else’s pain that became ours. I know that without help that pain won’t really go away, we need to call for help, get some heavy equipment so to speak so we can do a total removal because if we don’t it only looks like it’s gone but it’s still there just waiting for the new season so it can germinate and grow stronger if we don’t do the hard very labor-intensive task of uprooting it all.

I am thankful for people who are there to help us deal with our pain. I think God works through these wonderful souls. He is there just waiting to help take care of our crabgrass.

He is only a prayer away and will do the heavy backhoe work replacing the old with the new making a transformation for the better a new and wonderful crabgrass free life.

Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.


Hi, I'm Gwyn a entrepreneur, mom of 2 and a grandma of 2! I had been married for a long time to an abusive alcoholic, this left me feeling broken and forgetting who I really was. I started gwyns day 1 as a way for me to share the awesome way God can heal, restore and give a wonderful life full of purpose and joy. My greatest passion is my family but also helping others . With this blog I hope to share uplifting quotes and stories for a healthy mind body and soul life style, as well as fun with crafts and recipes. Here is my mantra and the whole reason for the name of this blog, what a great reminder that every day is a brand new day we can start fresh and do better. Day One Matthew West from the album Live Forever Buy on Amazon | iTunes

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  1. Thank you for that poignant example of something so simple but something that runs deep in our lives. May God forgive the pain brought to my children from me and generations before me. He is a loving merciful Lord who forgives and helps us do battle if only we ask. 💜

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